Top-5 Places to watch fireworks around Magic Kingdom

24 Jan

Fireworks over the Castle at Magic Kingdom

One of our favorite things to do at WDW is watch the fireworks shows at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. There are things we have learned over “trial and error” during the past years with regards to the best places to view the fireworks shows. So without further adieu, Surviving Disney presents the “Top-5 Best places to watch the fireworks around Magic Kingdom.

#5  The beach at Disney’s Polynesian Resort: A great place to watch if you want to relax, avoid the crowds and enjoy the show. You are not “close” to the show by any means, but its a great overall view of the lake and the Magic Kingdom.

relaxing on the beach in front of Polynesian enjoying the fireworks

#4 In front of Gasparilla Grill at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa: You get a nice (distant) view of the castle framed by the beautiful buildings of the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, with the marina coming right up to the seats making the view unobstructed. Great location if you have a stoller, kids etc and want a relaxing place to unwind and enjoy the show.

view from in front Gasparilla grill at Grand Floridian

#3 The rear of the “Mickey’s Phil-harmagic” theatre: If you want to be up close and personal to the action this is the place. You can see where the fireworks launch, feel the explosions and the excitement of the show.

#2 The Boat Dock in front of Narcoossee’s at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa : This little known “hidden treasure” among viewing locations is our personal favorite for the solitude, close proximity and fantastic view of the fireworks. Get there early as those “in the know”, will be at the dock as well. You can spend some quality family time just sitting on the beautiful dock out over the water watching the amazing show.  When you are done, just hop on a boat to your resort or monorail, no crowds, no fuss.

from the rear portion of traffic circle at Magic Kingdom

#1 Rear Portion of the Traffic Circle in front of the Castle: Although it will be crowded, there really is no place like being front and center for a good fireworks show. You get the music, the excitement of being among thousands of other people “oh’ing and ah’ing” at the spectacular shows that only Disney can produce. You will need to “stake out” a place at least an hour before the show starts in order to get a good view. I advise heading to the rear portion of the traffic circle (at the end of main street where the road turns into a circle) that way you don’t miss any of the action by being to close to see, plus you can get a jump on people heading down main street after the fireworks are over.


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