Living with the Land – Epcot Attraction Review

19 Oct

Living with the Land- Epcot

“Living with the Land” is located in Epcot’s The Land Pavilion. It is a slow boat ride through the various environments, our relationship with the land and how it has changed and the grand finale… the Disney Living Laboratory.  The entire experience focuses on how we can better use the land for food without destruction to the land we use.

The ride starts off at the docking station where you board a large covered boat that will first take you through a dark tunnel. While in the dark portion of the ride you will see a tropical rainforest during a thunderstorm and the American prairie. We will also see tools that were used in the past by farmers and an American farm house complete with an old dog on the porch. After your tour through the natural environments you will then travel to the “Living Laboratories” where you will see plants growing in various different ways such as hydroponics. You will also see a different type of farming, fish farming. Featured in this part of the ride are eels, and the American alligator. You will also have the chance to see the real scientists working on the project of the day.

A Fast Pass is available for this attraction. Guests must transfer from their motorized scooters into available wheelchairs to enjoy this attraction. Guest with young children can take turns riding this ride; see the nearest Cast Member for more information. Translation and handheld captioning devices are available for this attraction at Guest Relations. Flash Photography is not allowed.




One Response to “Living with the Land – Epcot Attraction Review”

  1. Chris Cognac October 21, 2011 at 8:35 pm #

    one of my all time favorite Epcot rides….plus its great on a hot day

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